Just a few tips to help you have a safe and pleasant day.

1/ Park your car, then before setting up go and have a drink or breakfast in the café so that you do not get hassled by traders when you set up your stall.

2/ Put all items that you feel might have some value such as collectables and jewellery in a bag or box concealed inside your car and bring them out an hour after you have set up and settled down. This stops people flustering you and causing you to sell at too cheap a price.

3/ Lock your opposite car doors at all times while selling if you have valuables inside.

4/ We suggest that you do not do a stall on your own especially if you are a woman, always have 2 people selling, this is only so that you can keep an eye on what the buyers are doing while you set out your stall.

5/ Keep all monies and personal items on your person.

6/ If using a table please make sure it is strong enough to hold your goods.

7/ Last but not least DON'T FORGET THE SUNTAN CREAM


The management of Potterspury Car Boot accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to any vehicle parked on this site or any personal loss or injury to any person visiting this site. persons choosing to visit or park on this site do so at their own risk. If you choose to park or visit this site you are ageing to the above.

We are located at:

Moorgate Farm

Moorend Road


NN12 7QG


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